The Epproach Communications team created the Ambassador Program in an effort to introduce and promote the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution to student housing properties nationwide. Who better to show the value of our unique solution than student residents who use Epproach WiFi everyday? From there, the Ambassador Program was born. Residents who are selected for the program must be motivated, professional and hard-working. Once a student resident becomes an Ambassador, the resident quickly learns the ins-and-outs of the Epproach solution: how it works, who it benefits, and how fast it can be. Each Ambassador travels to local student housing properties, introducing Epproach WiFi services to the property management. The residents is not only compensated financially for their work, they also gain valuable professional sales experience, communication skills and time management abilities. Become an Epproach Ambassador today!

Ambassador Pay Scale

We’ll go ahead and answer your first question: how much will I be paid?

  • $50:

    • Conduct an on-site visit to a potential customer site
    • Discuss Epproach WiFi services with the site’s manager or a member of the site staff
    • Obtain the manager’s business card
    • Leave behind marketing materials
    • Input visit details into the online form


  • $100:

    • If a site’s manager contact you provided to Epproach would like to speak with an Epproach Sales Representative, then this contact becomes a sales lead. Each legitimate sales lead you generate results in a $100 payment.


  • $350:

    • If the sales lead you helped to generate results in a sale for Epproach within 12 months, you will be compensated with a $350 payment.


  • $10 per positive review:

    • For each positive online review of Epproach services you help to generate. Reviews can be added under Google Reviews (Google: Epproach) or Limit of 10 reviews ($100).